SATURDAY 30th June 2018 P.M.


SATURDAY 30th June 2018 P.M.

Product no.: SATURDAY 30th June 2018 P.M.

Your full action packed afternoon at S.W.A.T. starts at 1.00pm onsite, once booked in you will receive a detailed safety brief, following that you will visit our armoury were you will get all the kit you need to play paintball at S.W.A.T.

This includes a state of the art semi automatic paintball marker (gun) pre filled air tank, hopper and barrel sock also a 2 piece camouflage suit, and a JT mask system:

Upgrades to the equipment package can be found within this booking page, which includes gloves and hat pack – body armour – battle packs which hold four paintball ammo pods:

In the afternoon we play  6 to 8 games which will be adrenaline drenched and action packed. We normally finish between 4.00pm and 4.30pm depending on the group:

Remember if you bring 10 players to s.w.a.t. you get 300 free paintballs and £10.00 cash on the day, but this only applies to actual players attending being 10, if you bring more players such as 20 the benefits double:

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