Kids party package 2


Kids party package 2

Product no.: Kids party package 2

For groups of 1-5 players booked - 200 paintball party starter package:

£22.00 per person attending:

200 free paintballs for the organiser if you book 5 players:

Includes all equipment – cammo suite, armoured gloves and hat pack, mask system and a paintball marker (gun) on free air + a barrel safety sock:

This package includes 200 paintballs – please specify date and weather your attending a full day - morning or afternoon – morning starts at 9.00am and finishes 12.00pm – afternoon starts at 1.00pm and finishes at 4.00pm:

Extra paintballs at a reduced rate of £5.00 per 100 shots for kids party packages:

Extra paintballs can be purchased on the day as required:

If attending on a full day we have food options which can be added to this order – these must be booked and paid for in advance – we cannot guarantee availability if your try and buy foods on the day.

Pot noodles (choice of flavours) and a soft drink £2.00

Chocolate bar (choice of flavours), packet of crisps and a soft drink £2.50

Or you can bring your own food:

booked party packages and foods are non-refundable in the event of a no show player or cancellation:

Place the date and time in the comments box upon completing your order – if there is a problem with the date, we will advise immediately. Kids party packages only apply to children from the age of 11.5 years up to 18:

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