Assassins Bleed booking fee


Assassins Bleed booking fee

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£5.00 / Package(s)

This is to secure your place at our exclusive event Assassins Bleed.

The payment is £5.00 to secure your place for the event dated 20th February 2019.

We are proud to announce our event “Assassins Bleed”
The location of the event is THE KYLN on the evening of the Wednesday 20th March 2019.
Arrival time is 6.00pm, kit up and game start no later than 7.00pm
Tea and coffee provided free and includes brief and game rules.

Player requirements:
Each player will be required to dress for the occasion in the following manner and must reflect the attire of either “”John wick or Hitman agent 47”” in essence a suit with a shirt and tie.
There is no requirement for shirt colour or tie colour (player choice), the suit however must be either black or dark material (no exceptions) so don’t book if you don’t have a black suit. Or go buy a cheap one from asda.

The site fee is set at £20.00 per person with a player capping of 20 participants.
Each player will be provided with a pistol by us, and at the end of the evening, the player will be allowed to keep said pistol. There is no restrictions in regards to age, we insist that only members of s.w.a.t. or  players that have a valid ukara defence can attend this event.
Pre-booking is a requirement via our website with a non refundable £5.00 deposit which secures your place.

Player allowances:
Each player will be issued with a pistol with 1 (one) magazine.
Each player can use a torch if they so choose and also carry a fake bendy knife as used in normal airsoft events, so allowing knife kills.
There is no ammo restrictions that players can carry.

Players cannot:
Use grenades.
Take head shots (upper body mass shot allowed only)
Run or climb on any structures within the kyln.
Use their own pistols nor bring shotguns or aeg’s

The scenario:
At 7.00pm sharp, all players will be taken to level four and then given 2 minutes to disperse within the 5 levels of the kyln, until they hear the air horn sound. Once the signal is given the game starts.
The objective is stealth and hunting other players, once you manage to shoot another player, they must take their magazine out of their pistol and bring it to you. If the magazine has ammo in it, you can use it or reload it to extend your shooting time. Once the eliminated player hands the magazine over he/she will make their way to level 4 mouse house for the remainder of the time.
Each game is 15 minutes long, when the game is over a magazine count of the remaining live players will commence in the mouse house and the player with the most magazines will be recorded on the leader board.
We will be running 5 consecutive games allowing 5 minutes between each game for re-ammo and pistol checks.
Note”In the event of you being eliminated you must surrender your pistol magazine as well as any other magazines you have attained by eliminating other players”

Each player upon inception, will be given 12 gold coins, which can be used to buy lives or upgrades from the armoury, such as extra mags, shot guns, swords etc.

Bear in mind that using the coins deminishes your lives, no coin your eliminated, rules changes will also take place during the evening and will advised upon every session start.

Once all 5 short games have concluded we will all go back into the safezone to tally the scores and then the winner will be announced and receive £40.00 cash.
The runner up will receive a free entrance into the next assassins bleed event.

So either be the hunter or the hunted.

Please note this event is reserved for experienced players only - novice first time players will not be permitted to attend.

Also the Assassins Bleed will only have a player maximum of 20 participants and will be operated at night in the dark.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance without reason.

Please note this is a non-refundable fee.

The balance of the site fee is payable on the night which is £15.00.

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