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Academy Booking kids military academy

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** When booking please do not forget to specify the date you require, please place this in the comments section upon ordering.**
Please note when ordering food packages if you have any specfic dietary requirements please contact us and we will provide an alternative option.

The s.w.a.t. kids military academy is a 3 hour session, which is fun packed and contains action from weapons handling to our assault course:

Please note morning and afternoon sessions can have the times specified by you to suit your needs.

Morning sessions can start from 9.00am afternoon sessions can start from 1.00pm

Upon arriving the group will be greeted by our enthusiastic team. Each cadet will be dressed in the latest S.W.A.T. gear which includes black suit, tactical vest, cap and their own personalised dog tag (which they get to keep and take home with them.) Once booked in and briefed the cadets will take part in the following activities;

  • Archery - Under careful supervision from our expert staff, the cadets can pit their skills on our custom military academy archery range.
  • Weapons Handling – Weapons handling starts with safety, all aspects are explained to the handler and range from loading to deployment. Using a vast range of weaponry from pistols to fully automatic assault rifles, giving the cadets the full diversity of real world 1-1 replica weapons.
  • Target Range - The first shooting experience takes place on the close arms range with variant guns, from pistols to automatic assault rifles with static drop down targets. The second shooting experience takes place on our sniper range, giving you the opportunity to look down the scope and range your target before executing the shot.
  • Sniper Training - Learn to apply precision shooting skills under any and all conditions, shooting long range targets. Using scopes to sight targets before applying shooting pressing to accurately hit the bull’s eye. Use of semi automatic DMR sniper rifles and bolt action snipers for the advanced shooter.
  • Pistol Shooting - Pistol shooting gives the cadets a more hands on chance to experience close shooting tactics. Unlike the assault rifles pistols require a whole different level of shooting ability and skills.
  • Bazooka Range - The bazooka range is set by using a custom designed tennis ball gun, which allows the cadets to try and hit a static object, this is quiet a hard skill to attain and the cadets can try as many times as they like. Lots of fun and challenging.
  • Assault Course - The assault course is the most physically demanding activity that will take place on the day, but with high spirits and some teamwork every cadet will make it to the end. From crawl nets to seesaws and tunnels to rope swings there is an obstacle for all abilities. With the assistance and coaching of team mates and staff there will be no stopping them!
  • Grenade Handling - What faces the cadets here is a game of skill by deploying a inert grenade into a selection of targets laid out on the ground, points for skill here are awarded.
  • Map Reading & Treasure Hunt - Each cadet within the academy will be given a map and set objectives and co-ordinates to try and find new clues, once they have achieved the objectives at the end of the treasure hunt there is a ammo box full of surprises, which of course is shared amongst the group.

Food options are available to purchase prior to event taking place, you are also welcome to bring your own food and drink if you prefer.

Upon completion of the academy the award ceremony will take place, where each cadet will be awarded with a goody bag and certificate of honour for completing the S.W.A.T Kids Military Academy.


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